Internment Camp, Tiszalök (1951-1953)

The Internment Camp in Tiszalök was set up because a new river barrage and a new water power station were planned here. The majority of inhabitants used to be prisoners of war who were handed over by the Soviet authorities in December 1950 and early 1951 but the Hungarian ÁVH did not set them free.

Most of the POW and internees in in the camps were Swabians, ethnic Germans, who used to serve in the Waffen SS. There were a large number of them whose citizenship had changed considering their residence around the time of their joining up: they had become citizens of Romania, Czechoslovakia or the Yugoslavia of Tito. The number of people in the camp was around 1,400 – 1,500.

On 4th October, 1953 tragic events took place in the camp, owing to which five people died, seven got severely and twelve slightly injured.

Drawing made based on an air photograph of Tiszalök, 1952 – dr. Lajos Hajdú
Model Charcoal
Model of the camp in Tiszalök – Frigyes Tasnády The camp’s gate – Josef Ringhoffer, charcoal, 1953. 21x30