Internment Camp, Kistarcsa (1949-1953)

In spring 1949 the internees in Buda-dél internment camp were moved to Kistarcsa and this camp became the Central Internment and Concentration Camp. On 5th May, 1950 State Security Authorities occupied the camp. All the windows were white-washed and ‘free’ movement inside the camp was prohibited.
The number of people in the five male and one female ‘regiment’ was around 2-3,000 in Kistarcsa. There were no beds and the prisoners had to sleep on mattresses and blankets on the floor wit a space of about 50-60 cm for one person. An old and shabby prison building stood next to the building of the Headquarters of the Commander.

Fogda Utca
Building in Kistarcsa - photo by Adrienn Marschal Water tower in Kistarcsa - photo by László Szilárdi
Mócsy Imre  
Imre Mócsy (1907–1980) Jesuit monk in the 1970s.
He was interned to Kistarcsa where he organised the illegal Theological College. After being released, those who had studied here could get their studies counted at the real Theological College.