Buda-dél internment camp (1945–1949)

It was set up on the area of Károly Barracks immediately after the siege of Budapest. This was the first big internment camp after the war from where internees were taken to outside work, mainly rubble cleaning and construction work. In autumn 1946 the camp became the Central Internment Camp of the Budapest Headquarters of the Hungarian State Police.
The 4-5,000 inhabitants were devided into five regiments on the basis of sex, education, job, and nationality. New arrivals were first of all shaven bald then examined for lice and after a bath disinfected.
At the end of April 1949 the camp was evacuated and moved to Kistarcsa.

Lajos Ruscsák police Lieutenant-Colonel Tooth extraction
Lajos Ruscsák police Lieutenant-Colonel, commander of Buda-dél internment camp sitting in the middle, 1947 – MNM photo archive; „He was a primitive, rude man whenever he could he hit the prisoners with his crutch" – says a former internee. Tooth extraction in Buda-dél, 1947 – MNM photo archive
Living area Visiting hours
Living area for internees in Buda-dél, 1947 – Contemporary propaganda photo, MNM photo archive Relatives of internees during visiting hours, 1947 – MNM photo archive
Holy Mass  
Holy Mass in Buda-dél, 1947 – MNM photo archive